Nathan Lee Lewis


Screenplay Adaptations





The author and publisher's choice as the "Foremost Screenwriter For Book Adaptations"

"The go-to writer for biographies, if you want your story told in a readable and compelling manner."

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Nathan Lee Lewis is the author and publisher's choice as the "Foremost screenwriter for book adaptations." If you are an author or have acquired the rights to a book or story for the pupose of turning it into a feature film, Nathan Lee Lewis may be the one to help fulfill that vision. With over 40 years in front and behind the camera, Nathan's all-encompassing experience in the film industry makes him uniquely and creatively qualified to put your story on the page as a screenplay. Nathan is the perfect blend of creative and business acumen.

What does it take to acquire the talent of Nathan Lee Lewis?

  • The sooner in your project, the better. Nathan Lee Lewis is generally a quick writer, however, it is advisable to schedule time for first draft review and rewrites as well as any required extra research.
  • Nathan's rates are flexible and he tries to work within the specific project budget, however, the industry standard as set by the WGA - Writers Guild of America, is the best place to start.