A World Away - A current day supernatural thriller. The story of a parish priest who is a devoted parent to his special needs son. Newly-widowed Father Timothy is compelled to face his past, returning to seek out the Native American girl he loved in his youth. Although his former Native American love's death is shrouded in mystery, he discovers a son he didn't know he had. He is received by the local Native Americans as a long-awaited prophet to free them from the local oppressive government, thrusting him into a supernatural conflict that is A World Away.

Soon to be published:  Over Mountain - the novel.

Chasing Weisberg -  A True Story - Based on the book, The Woodland Hills Tragedy, by S. Rickly Christian.

Writer, and Executive Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, Rick Christian, initially felt ambivalent and detached from the abortion issue. Like many of us, he knew the statistics,  but mere numbers did not directly affect him. He begins to question his indifference when a close friend shares the wrenching effects of losing a child to abortion, a child that his girlfriend decided to abort without his consent. Rick discovers that this baby was one of 16,433 found in a rented industrial container in the backyard of a posh Los Angeles home. The names of the mothers and the doctors who performed the abortions were carefully labeled on many of the 16,433 containers.

Rick Christian was determined to chase down the elusive businessman, Malvin Weisberg, who owned Medical Analytical Laboratories, and who stored the 16,433 fetuses in the industrial container, in his garage, and in his refrigerator. Rick and his assistant, Karen Linamen, find the man to be deceptive as they try to track him down. They are confronted with his shady business deals, his poor reputation with his creditors, his lying about his identity, including presenting himself as a doctor, and his attempt to elude them as he moves from house to house. They find themselves relentlessly chasing Weisberg for answers.

Original Screenplays, Novels, Episodic TV  For Option

The Kavanaugh Culture
Arthur and the sons all speak Russian. Catherine made sure of that. They have all spent time in Russia - Arthur on business, and the sons to study abroad. Having many Russian relatives, they make regular trips to see them. Catherine’s father was a powerful and influential Russian businessman which opened many doors for them. They all remain acquainted with the Russian President and the Orthodox Patriarch. As the sons become adults, their business interests are intricately connected to Russia and their time divided between there and the States...  The Kavanaugh’s are just as much a southern family as they are Russian, but in Arkansas, their wealth makes them royalty- powerful- high profile- and their friends are from the same class of society.

Moses The Black- 300's A.D. period.  Based on the true story of an Ethiopian slave to the Egyptians who becomes the brutal leader of a band of marauding criminals and journeys to become the humble spiritual head of an Orthodox monastery of over 500 monks. Today, Saint Moses the Black, a.k.a. Saint Moses the Strong and Saint Moses the Ethiopian, is one of the most revered saints in all of Christendom. This epic screenplay was completed with the consultation of both Coptic and other Orthodox Christians using the original preserved writings of Saint Moses and historians. The careful research and crafting of this account took a full year to complete.

The Kavanaugh Faith
The Kavanaugh Family is an enigma in the South. They are a blend of Southern culture and Russian heritage.  Catherine keeps an Orthodox home with icons hanging and Orthodox prayers prayed at meals. She prays for her family and makes sure her Orthodox priest is involved in their lives. Arthur, the father, was born in 
Arkansas but married his wife Catherine, a native of Russia, while a student in her homeland. Catherine is a philanthropic first lady, raising vast sums of money for worthy causes. Catherine is the backbone of the family- a steady, moral force. Arthur converts to Eastern Orthodoxy, Catherine’s faith, and the predominant faith of the Russian people. They returned to Arkansas to put down roots and raise a family. They have three sons, Richard, David, and Kip.  The family lives an Orthodox life until Arthur decides to enter politics as he finds it more expedient to present a more traditional southern image. He starts attending a high profile Baptist church full of powerfully connected politicians. When he leaves office, things will be as they were. The three sons were raised Orthodox. As they grow older, Richard, the eldest, remains Orthodox, David marries a Baptist woman and converts, and Kip drifts from all faith, except for his rare attendance with his Mother...

Over Mountain First Draft Excerpts

     Anne didn’t hear Abe slip in that night. He had told her not to wait up and not to worry. “Just seeing a few friends.”  She had not waited up, but she had worried. Abe quietly packed a few clothes and a few other personal items. He had grabbed the Bible Anne had given him as a wedding present. She didn’t feel the gentle kiss he placed on her head. He stuffed a piece of bread into a flour sack and quietly slipped out the door. 

     “It is better this way,” Abe thought.

     He would not face her. He would not tell her what he’d done. She’d find out soon enough. Someone, most likely the law, would show up and she could honestly say that she had no idea where he was or where he was going. She was young. She would go on with her life. She would get over him. One thing was for sure, this way she would never have to see him sitting in a jail cell

Written For Television

Over Mountain - “It is the late 1800’s. Abe Loos hides out in the Appalachian Mountains for 25 years until he decides to go “Over Mountain” to face his past. He unexpectedly finds his estranged wife and the sheriff-son he didn't know about.  A bounty hunter finds Abe after a 25-year search. Abe struggles to restore his relationship with his family while facing the pressure of paying for his criminal past.”

The option of the screenplay, Chasing Weisberg, (co-written by John Mark Huckabee) is contingent on a production rights agreement with author  S. Rickly ChristianFull Synopsis available.


The Kavanaugh Achilles Heel
Kavanaugh's Russian roots have required they walk in circles of corrupt power – a blend of Russian politics and religion. The KGB, under a new brand, is still the controller. The masses are influenced by the church. The Moscow Orthodox Patriarch came from a very wealthy import/export family before entering the priesthood. The Russian President wants to reestablish the old Soviet Union... The Russian mob is active in the United States and looks for every opportunity to lie, cheat, murder, force, threaten its way into the riches and power found there. Arkansas is ripe for such and the Kavanaughs are their “in”. The Kavanaugh’s are initially too close to see it. Their family ties to Russia- their relatives – their faith - their sincere desire to do good for the citizens of Arkansas, cause a propensity to be blinded to the true intentions and devises of malevolent forces with whom they do business.  The Kavanaugh’s love their family and their State. It is the threat to those two that may lead the Triumvirate to do things that they would not normally do. To save a life would one take a life? They are faced with events that their actions set into motion. Some will suffer before the Triumvirate becomes triumphant. 

   Nathan Lee Lewis


Screenplay Adaptations





The author and publisher's choice as the "Foremost Screenwriter For Book Adaptations"

"The go-to writer for biographies, if you want your story told in a readable and compelling manner."

     When Abe Loos was born, rejection greeted him. Abe’s mother, a frail woman, in any period, but especially so in the late 1800’s Mississippi, lingered for only a few hours. Abe, a large baby, large in any period, was the death of her and Abe’s father would never forgive him. Abe’s family wasn't dirt poor, they were mud poor, toiling out a living on a sharecropped smidgen of land often flooded by the Mississippi. Crops harvested were intended to be sold, but the Loos crops were only enough to consume, just to stay alive. More like a glorified garden, really. Abe’s father had hoped for a son. Sons were better, more useful in any period. Period. He got one but didn’t bargain for the terms...

Over Mountain Status: First Draft Nearing Completion (as of 2/7/19)

Episodic              T.V.

Jason’s Run is the story of an enduring friendship between an autistic white boy named Jason and an African American boy named Rick. Jason is born into a wealthy southern family of status and privilege but must endure the rejection of a cold, socialite mother. Rick is born on “the other side of the tracks” but has the support of a loving grandmother while facing the pressures of gangs and the streets. Jason and Rick are thrown together through fateful events that forge a bond lasting into adulthood. Jason spends his developing years in an institution. Rick spends his developing years becoming a doctor. After the years, the two are unexpectedly reunited. Rick risks his career and his freedom to rescue Jason from the life he has been forced to live due to the ignorance of his caretakers. Their enduring bond causes them to challenge the institution and their families and set out on-the-run from the authorities. Jason’s Run is a story of loyalty, friendship, redemption, and understanding.

OVER MOUNTAIN  It is the mid-1800’s. Abe Loos is a rugged-looking man in his mid 40’s. His weathered face and tired eyes reveal his years of hard living and youthful indiscretions. Abe, a wanted man, has lived for years in a borrowed, patched-up old shack in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. He has put away his gun and found religion. Abe’s preacher stops by to inform him that the land where he lives has been sold and he must move out.  The preacher encourages Abe to go “Over Mountain” to face his past.

Comments from industry insiders about Jason’s Run:

"It has been years since I served as consultant on the Oscar-winning movie "Rain Man". It did more to bring autism awareness than anything I and all the other advocates around the world have done in 30 years. It is time for another such effective project. I believe "Jason's Run" could well be that project."  Dr. Ruth Christ Sullivan

“It is a great script.”  Tom Epperson (Screenwriter-One False Move, A Family Thing, The Gift, Floyd Collins)

“I truly think it is wonderful.”  Wes Bentley (Actor- American Beauty, Soul Survivors, The Four Feathers, Hunger Games)

"Jason’s Run is the most sensitive, yet provocative story dealing with autism that I have ever read. Everyone who reads this script is emotionally drawn in to the point of tears.  I predict there will be a bidding war over distribution rights for this film, not to mention there will be major actors vying for some of the most powerful and emotional roles written in a long time, for both men and women.” Charlie Adams (Composer, Film Producer, Drummer for Yanni, Autism Spokesman, and Parent of two autistic children)

     Anne McGee was a natural beauty. Abe had first noticed her in that way when he was fifteen. Anne’s parents had moved into the Mississippi community to find work. Her father was industrious and amiable enough to fit right in and her mother, a hard-working, godly woman. At first, Anne was just like any another in the group of girls at church, and the boys would look and dream and try to muster up the courage to talk with them or show off. But there comes a time when a young boy’s dream becomes a young man’s vision. For Abe, it was at the church picnic. All it took was for Anne to hand Abe a piece of pie. It could have been any girl who handed him the pie. She was just working the dessert table, but that was the moment when Abe’s boy-brain made the transition. He was hooked. Best pie he had ever eaten. Most beautiful girl he had ever seen. So beautiful, he didn’t notice that most of the pie he was trying to put in his mouth was ending up on his mouth.

     He was oblivious to anything but Anne, as he watched her from under a nearby tree. It didn’t help that Anne noticed and took a cloth napkin to him. It also didn’t help that she wiped his mouth for him. A quick smile and a cock of her head left him undone and speechless. A lock of her hair crossing her face, waving in the slight breeze, and he was breathless. Abe was used to being in confident control. He was usually the leader of the pack of boys- brave and daring- opinionated and confident. What was happening? What was this? Why was he feeling so weak? Why couldn’t he speak? He tried, but only managed to let a piece of pie fall from his mouth and land on his shirt. That was the first time he heard Anne laugh and it echoed through all of his senses. 

     “You are on your own," she said, stuffing the napkin in his pocket. 

     That was the first time he had heard her voice. That voice. Soft and intense. Abe wiped his mouth with his sleeve as he watched her walk back to the dessert table. Anne was too young and innocent to realize what she had just done to the young man. It wasn’t until Anne looked back at the staring Abe, that her girl-brain made the transition. She was wanted, and for a girl her age, that was everything. It didn’t hurt that Abe was a handsome, strapping young man with fixed, piercing blue eyes gazing at her - no one else - just her. It was both exhilarating and frightening. She had simply taken him a napkin. After all, he needed one and she was just being kind. But, what was happening? What was this? Why was she feeling so weak? She could not stare back. She could only muster fleeting glances, and each time he was still there, still gazing...

  “Look…," the reverend started slowly, “Maybe it’s time for you to go over mountain like we’ve been a-talkin’. You’re still young enough to make a life for yourself over there.”

     There was not much reason for mountain preacher or any mountain man to go west on the other side of the Appalachian Ridge, but Abe wasn’t a mountain man, really, and there were things done and left undone on the other side. The talkin’ about going over mountain had started from the very first porch talk, but Abe was never ready and months turned into years. The answer was always the same,

     “I already made a life for myself over there. I did not like it,” Abe would say, or some version of the same, always trying to change the subject.

     The preacher would always try to gently remind him that he was not the same man as he was and that those he knew in times past probably weren’t either.  And here they were again.

     “You are a different man, Abe. Old things are past, behold all things have become new.”

     “I am not too sure the new me would fit in," Abe said, still resisting.

     The preacher decided to press in a bit, “You sure 
won't know that, a-sittin’ up here. The way I see it, this is a good thing. A man can’t fully change until he’s faced his past dead on. Sometimes God gives us a nudge.”

TRIUMVIRATE - A Political Drama -- Episodic Television                                                         NOW AVAILABLE FOR OPTION

                                                                                                                                                                                         (AS OF 2/8/2019)

  • Five 10-Episode Seasons - 50 Episodes
  • Pilot complete and Episode 2-3 complete
  • Episode 4-10 Plot Outlines Complete
  • Season 2-5 Season Plots Complete
  • Prospectus/bible availible
  • WGA Registered

Written by Nathan Lee Lewis and John Mark Huckabee

Developed by Nathan Lee Lewis and John Mark Huckabee

Created by John Mark Huckabee

"Triumvirate - In ancient Rome - a group of three men holding power."

The Kavanaugh Family

A Political and financial dynasty in America

STORY  Triumvirate chronicles the lives and exploits of the Kavanaugh brothers as they conquer their foes and rise to absolute political and financial power. The story is told in the present day, woven with a thread of flashbacks as seen through the eyes of Catherine, the matriarch of the Kavanaughs. From a college girl in Russia, she becomes the influence behind the power - the mother of the Triumvirate.

SETTING Arkansas, U.S.A. and Russia (USSR)


Authur Kavanaugh, the patriarch of the family, has become the governor of a southern state (Arkansas). He and his Russian wife, Catherine, have three sons.

Richard - David - Kip - The Triumvirate

Richard, the eldest son, is the head of one of the largest international investment firms in the country. The headquarters in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, is the Kavanaugh Building, a towering glass structure just blocks from the capitol. Richard is smart, knows how to make a buck; head of his family’s company. Expanded the empire. He is married with three sons of his own- a future Triumvirate.

David, the middle son, following in his father's footsteps, is a State Senator, being groomed for higher office. David is a  political charmer; a policy wonk, but has the ability to relate to the common man. He is married with twin girls. Inherited his father’s political instincts.

Kip, the youngest son, is a lobbyist, brokering deals with politicians and companies as benefits the Family. Kip is often called his mother’s favorite; a womanizer; likes to have a good time; has to grow up fast when he learns that he is a father; an effective lobbyist with an appetite for politics.