Nathan Lee Lewis ​


Screenplay Adaptations




The author and publisher's choice as the "Foremost Screenwriter For Book Adaptations"

"The go-to writer for biographies, if you want your story told in a readable and compelling manner."

"I met Nathan in 1995 in Memphis on the set of A Family Thing (written by myself and Billy Bob Thornton and starring Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones). He is very talented and more importantly, he is an outstanding person."   -Tom Epperson - Author, Screenwriter

"...the bottom line is...he's a pro!" Adam Roarke Actor / Director

"I have known Nathan Lewis personally and professionally for many years. He is one of the most talented people I know. Nathan is a man of strong moral character and those who work with him can attest to his dependability, discipline, and integrity."  Nancy Lewis Asst. to the Producer- Days of our Lives