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The author and publisher's choice as the "Foremost Screenwriter For Book Adaptations"

"The go-to writer for biographies, if you want your story told in a readable and compelling manner."

Nathan Lee Lewis is an award-winning writer, having received a First Place Award by Arkansas Associated Press Broadcasters Association for his original work for Public Radio. He is also the recipient of a Gold Addy-The American Advertising Award Given For Communications Excellence. Nathan has an earned B.A in Radio, T.V Film from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a B.A. in Religion from Ouachita University, and is a certified Feature Film Producer, Line Producer, and Cinema Director through the Hollywood Film Institute. He was twice recognized with the Distinguished Participants Award by the Little Rock Board of Directors and the Private Industry Council for his work in the film industry. He has served on a local SAG-AFTRA Union Board as Chairman of their Executive Committee and served on the founding Board of Advisors of the Columbia State Community College Department of Film Crew Technology. He is the former Executive Producer of Kingdom Films, Inc. and Rocky Top Pictures LLC, both film production companies. He is the former Director of the Arkansas Film Commission and founded and directed the Arkansas Film Institute/Arkansas Actor's Lab which gained national acclaim and profile during his tenure. Nathan has written numerous screenplays and a dramatic television series all of which have been under contract. He is a produced playwright, which included his original musical compositions. Nathan's extensive experience in the industry, which also includes over 800 professional acting credits, has allowed him to approach his first love, writing, with a unique balance of creative skill and business acumen. He currently devotes his time solely to his writing endeavors.

See what many who have known Nathan Lee Lewis
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acting coach, mentor, or friend have said about him... 

"I highly recommend Nathan for consulting on any aspect of a screenplay from start to finish. His vast knowledge and experience speak for itself. He is brilliant!"  Sheila Vaughn, Screenwriter

"I met Nathan in 1995 in Memphis on the set of A Family Thing (written by myself and Billy Bob Thornton and starring Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones). He is very talented and more importantly, he is an outstanding person. I've been an active screenwriter in Hollywood for many years. I'm looking forward to considering projects presented to me in the future by Nathan Lee Lewis   - Tom Epperson - Author, Screenwriter

"Nathan is one of the most truthful and honest actors I've ever worked with...I respect him as an actor...the bottom line is, he's a pro!"  Adam Roarke - Actor and Founder Adam Roarke's Film Actor's Lab, Dallas, TX (dec)

"I have known Nathan Lewis personally and professionally for many years. He is one of the most talented people I know. Nathan is a man of strong moral character and those who work with him can attest to his dependability, discipline, and integrity."  Nancy Lewis  Asst. to the Producer- Days of our Lives  (ret)

I have known Nathan for a number of years. His activities as director/producer as well as director of the Arkansas Actors Lab gave him a tremendous background to be our film commissioner... He brought creativity and determination to the office... Please accept this letter not only as a letter of introduction but also as a strong recommendation for Nathan should his talents or abilities be useful to you..." Mike Huckabee, Former Governor and Host of "Huckabee" on TBN

"I would be honored to take a look at any film project you have in the works. As an actor, I am always looking for something special. That seems to be the problem today with so many of the scripts I read. I start reading and feel like I have done this film before. That's why I want you to know that I would be very happy to take a long look at any script you have intentions to produce. In other words, COUNT ME IN!!! Mickey Jones- Actor- Home Improvement (dec.)

"Nathan obviously has an eye for that special energy in some people that makes others want to watch them."  David Keith- Actor, Officer and a Gentlemen, Major League II, Daredevil

"A film and commercial acting student needs a mentor, a motivator and a master of the screen. In Nathan Lewis, you'll get all three. That's why I consider his Actor's Lab a must for anyone serious about acting as a hobby or career." Dr. David Sedman- Assistant Professor, Meadows School for the Performing Arts, Southern Methodist University

"Having worked with Nathan in the studio and on the stage, I'm happy to report that he represents everything that someone wishing to learn this profession should aspire to, as a talent, as a teacher, and most importantly as a human being." Glenn J. Gilbert/Artistic Director Murry's Dinner Playhouse (ret)

"May I quote you on that" quotables...

“S***t, Nathan. You’re a f*****g good actor,”  Billy Bob Thornton - Actor, writer, Director

“I think we found our Cornelius…good job.  Sam Raimi - Director

“Mr. Duvall says you are doing a great job.  Craig Huston - First AD - MGM’s A Family Thing

Former Student Endorsements

"I learned more from Nathan in one month than I learned all semester at my New York film acting school."  Rachael R. Lab Student, New York Acting Student

"I've had many experiences and 
a college education in acting specifically film and television. But with the Actor's Lab I feel I'm learning what it takes to have a career in film acting."    Cary S. Lab Student

"Film Acting is different from being on stage and Nathan made it easy and fun."  Sean J. Graduate of UCLA Theater Department and SAG Actor

"Film Actor's Lab was a major turning point for my son, Chris. He has had many special talents, but the Lab gave him his first chance to see that there was really something there worth pursuing. He came away inspired and encouraged and his future looks bright. He considers the Lab one of the best experiences he ever had." Ricky Tripp- Country Music Recording Artist- Parent Of Student